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How we marketed a Netflix Appearance

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In February 2021, Atisuto Events approached us to increase the press mentions about their appearance on the Netflix Series, The Big Day. Atisuto Events is known for planning some of the most lavish wedding events and had just launched their Dubai operations to get the best possible return on Ad spends in the UAE. They approached us for PR and Advertising and we got to work.

Client Requirements :

  1. Increased press mentions and visibility for the brand and the appearance of its creative director, Sabah Shaikh, in the Netflix series.

  2. Journalist relationship management and story pitching.

  3. Press notes and outreach to the right media partners for long and short lead PR.

  4. Digital marketing to UAE audiences to get the right audiences sending queries to the Atisuto Events Website.

  5. Partnerships with hotels and influencers in Dubai for an event in August 2021.

Our Solutions :

  1. Madlad Media got 10 coverage points from some of the most prominent publications like Homegrown, Architectural Digest, Brides Today etc

  2. The digital backend was tuned and adjusted to optimise maximum traction after the launch of the show. The Ads audience was driven through a full funnel strategy to the website from postcodes in UAE and India with the highest wealth since bespoke events are primarily targeted towards UHNI and HNI audiences.

  3. We were able to get 2 luxury hotels interested in a partnership for the event in August 2021. Additionally, we were able to get 2 influencer leads for a possible decor collaboration in 2021.

The Outcome:

  1. The show had been trending on Netflix and has been in the Top 10 in India and with our efforts Atisuto Events was able to be differentiated and considered by a significant Indian and NRI population and Atisuto Events started getting queries for weddings from the target audiences directly.

  2. The PR activities has given Atisuto Events a major boost in their presence in the industry in the most organic way thereby keeping their luxury status intact.

  3. The deliverables by us was greatly appreciated and Atisuto Events went on to involve us for the marketing of their Dubai operations.

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