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Best Influencer Campaign in Indian Fashion

In August 2022, we carried out the biggest influencer campaign in Indian fashion as a pseudo event with high end influencer marketing, editorial production and direction carried out by us for client Ohaila Khan.

We amplified the fashion designers’ idea of a pseudo-event for the launch of a fashion collection and championed it by involving some major influencers. The overall production turned out to be really elaborate and the on-boarding of influencers was done months in advance. In India, influencer marketing can be tricky but if the idea is right, participation is guaranteed.The partnerships were also carried out well. To know who all participated, see the images below!

The concept from the designer was ‘high-tea soiree’ and the idea was to showcase the influencers in pastel Indian outfits at an upscale afternoon event.

The partners included three hair and makeup teams, a jewellery brand, a tableware brand, a dessert stylist and a decor brand. Each contributed evenly for the styling of the shoot and the editorial outcome was on the talent and the influencers.

The Outcome :

The campaign had two success points - the day of the shoot (or event) and the actual fashion photoshoot launch on the brand’s social media page. As planned, the influencers created their own content on their phones and posted stories and for the brand, we were able to generate content including look-book photos, styled videos, conversation q/a with influencers etc.

The collection did a really good job of raising awareness for the Ohaila Khan brand and turned out to be one of the most well planned organic influencer campaigns we have ever carried out. Definitely helped us find the secret sauce for influencer events.

Do you want influencer marketing such as this for your brand? Get in touch today on call.


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