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Bridal Couture Store Marketing

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In February 2022, Mumbai based luxury fashion couture designer Ohaila Khan reached out to us for the launch of her store in Bandra West. Launching in a competitive retail location for a high value couture brand was a challenge that we took on and executed successfully.

Client Requirements:

  1. Create buzz using fashion and luxury marketing techniques for the launch of the bridal couture store.

  2. Launch the store with a strong event of a star studded guest-list and powerful recall.

  3. Give the brand a stronghold in international bridal couture and communicate that to the attendees with engaging storytelling.

  4. Plan and execute the launch of the store with full social media overhaul.

  5. Improve walk-ins, conversions and ROI using the store launch content.

Our Solutions:

  1. We got to work on a state of the art invite - a transparent acrylic lehenga shaped invite placed on a fabric sample to showcase the brand’s couture customisation process.

  2. Over 200 invites and press kits were sent out to press and existing clients from our side and guest-listing and RSVP was managed by us.

  3. We created a live counter of embroidery outside the store to showcase the craftsmanship that goes into the process of high end couture.

  4. We partnered with Zima, a newly launched restaurant for appetisers for our elite guests and they were able to put together a really well curated food arrangement.

  5. Our team put together a press wall and gave private previews to press and journalists who attended on the day of the event.

  6. Within a week of the event, the data was collected from photographers and packaged by us into a launch plan and advertised across multiple digital platforms.

The Outcome:

  1. The event saw some major names as attendees including celebrities, influencers and top tier fashion journalists.

  2. The engagement on social media for that day was record breaking for the brand and created a lot of awareness for the brand and its niche.

  3. Over the next few months, we continued to manage the marketing for the brand and three months after the launch, the brand’s store was able to do 8X its previous revenue.

To know more about how we create integrated bespoke events for luxury customers, please connect with us directly on call.


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