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How to Market Luxury Villas

In March 2023, a luxury villa rental business in Goa called Vio Stays reached out to us to amp up their marketing. As an aggregator of luxury villa rental properties, they had a plethora of content from the villa owners but they wanted an editorial direction for their business to turn it into a successful brand. Marketing luxury real estate in India can be challenging but our success generating business from HNI clients really gave us the edge for a successful year ahead!

We were immediately on-boarded to manage content, social media and lead generation ads and so far, we have been able to create a stronghold for the Vio Stays brand in Goa, India.

Our solutions :

  1. Establish a luxury, editorial look and feel for the content on the Vio Stays social media page.

  2. Manage villa shoots by sharing exact requirements, references and shoot notes for the talent to successfully capture each property.

  3. Visit the Villas and create user generated content for stories.

  4. Digital Ads for lead generation and Content Boosts for follower and page growth.

  5. Influencer marketing and reaching out to key names across India for collaborations.

The Outcome :

  1. Within 7 months, Vio Stays has become one of the leading villa rental companies in Goa with organic leads.

  2. Our re-marketing efforts have got the business a 3.5X return on ad spend for our messaging ads and the page has gone from 500 to 5000 followers within 6 months with only a fraction of the ad spend going into boosts.

  3. The business has been able to organically attract some big names for influencer marketing and the deliverables have been pre-planned and perfectly shared on social media.

Are you into luxury? We can get you the leads with the marketing strategy above. What we have been able to do with indian fashion and india luxury real estate can be translated to any vertical for HNI customers. Connect with us today!


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