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Two Luxury Collaborations in a Day

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

In January 2021, our founder and director Mr. Manav Vijay put together two luxury collaborations in a single day for a single client brand Sarah & Sandeep, a contemporary menswear fashion label based in Khar West, Mumbai, India.

The first collaboration was based around Manav’s vision to shoot Sarah & Sandeep business suits on a helipad with a chopper for a fashion film promoting men’s bespoke business suiting. We were able to partner with Blade Helicopters for this and we produced a single day shoot at their Helipad in Pune with a male model.

To top this off, we were able to set up another collaboration with The Ritz Carlton, Pune to showcase how bespoke consultations work with fashion designer and bespoke suiting specialist Mr. Sandeep Gonsalves.

Both collaborations were executed on a barter basis and conducted with an objective to reduce the cost of marketing without lowering the quality of content created. The biggest challenge was to conduct the entire project in a day's time to ensure that the videographer, model and HMU artist fee was for the single day to control the cost of the campaign successfully.

We were able to get the right cross promotional deliverables from both, Blade India and The Ritz Carlton, Pune. Additionally, we will be orchestrating a business partnership with them soon to ensure that what we depicted through the content is a reality i.e. - Single day design consultations where the designers fly from Mumbai to Pune and back through Blade India helicopters and conduct a full bespoke consultation and showcase designs to clients who book the Wedding Studio at The Ritz Carlton, Pune.

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