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How We Relaunched a Luxury Footwear Brand

In July 2020, a luxury footwear and accessories designer based in Mumbai India reached out to us to revamp his online and offline presence and reinvent his brand’s image and relaunch the brand for direct to consumer sales through the website, Instagram and brick and mortar stores of multi-brand stores across India.

Client Requirements:

  1. Transform the brand from a wholesale manufacturer for luxury brands to a retail brand of its own

  2. Strategy and Execution for branding, PR, distribution and content creation.

  3. Reach the level of brands like Fear of God and Rick Owens from a target market point of view.

  4. Raise awareness for Patina Art on shoes and sneakers (Client’s IP).

Our Solutions:

  1. We decided to start off with a marketing strategy for the footwear and fashion designer with a Virtual Ramp walk Campaign combined with some behind the scenes footage of the fashion campaign being produced to give audiences a peek into the brand’s creative direction.

  2. It was crucial to introduce Kavith as the face of his brand and more importantly, brand him as India's first independent footwear designer. Hence Kavith was made to walk the virtual ramp sporting a unique piece from his own collection

  3. We integrated product images shot editorially on Kavith’s social media pages to get the best possible traction on his social media page.

  4. The lookbook made from this campaign shoot was used to send to multi-brand stores across India. Since then we have onboarded 4 retail locations across India with consistent sales for Kavith’s products.

The Outcome:

Starting a luxury fashion or accessories brand in Mumbai can be a monumental task considering the number of international retailers entering the market. We achieved to make the Kavith brand stand out through content, distribution partnerships and consistent brand integrations. Kavith is now a leading designer in the emerging brands category in India and over the next few years, we aim to make Kavith a household name in India and abroad.

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