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Fashion Shoot Production : Case Study

In August 2018, we put together a luxury ethnic wedding fashion campaign for a menswear brand. The Mumbai based luxury fashion brand required a sales oriented digital fashion campaign which involved shoot production, social media activation and sales strategy.

Client Requirements :

  1. Main objective was to dive deep into the Indian Ethnic wear.

  2. Penetrate the Indian Wedding Market.

  3. Ensure that the project meets a certain pricing threshold.

  4. Ensure a high digital viewership.

  5. Finalise an apt location for the shoot.

  6. Arrange the back end team of photographers, models, videographers etc

  7. Manage travel logistics and ensure smooth flow for the hsoot.

Our Solutions :

  1. We decided upon a pyramid pricing strategy in order to spread the cost across digital platform to increase viewership

  2. We integrated our press approach to wedding blogs and influencers that showcase styling and fashion for brides and grooms to-be.

  3. Post extensive research, Evolve Back Resorts in Hampi was finalised as the perfect location for the shoot.

  4. The deal with the resort was locked for the shoot and the talent was then shortlisted.

  5. We managed the travel logistics for the entire crew and made sure the client got the exact deliverables they needed from the fashion photographer.

  6. We managed the launch of the campaigns and created an ad campaign with google and Facebook ads.

The Outcome :

  1. The brand had the best financial season in terms of sales till date through this campaign.

  2. The barter for the location of the shoot worked seamlessly and both parties were extremely satisfied with the deliverables.

  3. The coverage received through Press was double than what was previously estimated.

  4. A stronghold was created for the brand that improved sales for years to come.


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